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About Bone Grafting in Morrow, GA

At MINT dentistry in Morrow, GA, our skilled team is dedicated to helping all patients achieve a gorgeous smile. However, your smile can only be at its best if it's also healthy. The strength of your jawbone is important to your oral health. If you have suffered bone loss in your jaw from gum disease or tooth loss, a bone graft may be required to rebuild your jaw structure and provide proper support for tooth replacement. At MINT dentistry in Morrow, GA, bone grafting surgery is often performed to prepare a patient's jaw for the placement of dental implants or dentures. Reserve a consultation with our team at MINT dentistry in Morrow, GA to learn more about bone grafting. MINT dentistry's board-certified dentists are skilled in bone grafting surgery and help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

Am I a Candidate for Bone Grafting?

Bone loss in the jaw may result from oral conditions, like periodontal disease, or from a physical injury to your mouth. Jawbone atrophy may also occur following tooth loss, especially when the teeth have not been replaced with dental implants. Bone grafting strengthens and prepares the jaw for dentures or a dental implant, but it may take some time for the graft to integrate into the existing bone. When the process is complete, however, you will have a jaw that is stronger and better able to support your oral health. To help determine whether you need bone augmentation, one of our skilled dentists will obtain digital images and perform a thorough dental exam during your initial consultation at MINT dentistry in Morrow, GA.

How Does Bone Grafting Work?

When you arrive for your bone grafting procedure, our highly skilled team will help you settle into one of our soothing massage chairs. Any sedation dentistry services you have requested will be administered before the treatment area is numbed with a local anesthetic. After the graft is ready to be placed, your MINT dentist will attach it to your jawbone through incisions made in your gums. Tissue regenerative factors are added to the graft to help it integrate with the natural bone. Once the process is complete, our team will close the incisions in your gums with sutures and rinse the area. The graft will be given time to recover and fuse with your jawbone.

After the Bone Grafting Procedure

Over the next 6 – 9 months, the graft will heal and bond with your jawbone. It's especially important during this time to follow an optimal home oral care routine with brushing and flossing along with any products recommended by your dentist (such as special mouthwashes). You may need to attend follow-up appointments at MINT dentistry so we can monitor your progress and determine when you are able to receive dentures or dental implants. To keep your mouth healthy after grafting, our dental practitioners suggest scheduling routine dental examinations and cleanings at our Morrow, GA facility.

The MINT Commitment

A portion of the bone grafting procedure fee might be covered under your dental insurance plan if the procedure is considered medically necessary. Our skilled support staff will speak to your dental insurance provider to review your benefits and determine any personal expenses prior to your procedure. During your consultation and exam, we will provide you with a cost estimate and explain options that may make your treatment more affordable. We are committed to making it easy for our patients to get the procedures needed for a brilliant smile. If you do not have insurance or need help affording your bone graft surgery, please ask our team for information on flexible financing plans.

Advanced Care

Having a beautiful, lasting smile starts with establishing good oral health. A bone graft can replenish lost bone in the jaw and provide support for dental implants or traditional dentures. When you meet with one of our board-certified dentists, you can learn about bone grafting surgery and receive a custom treatment plan designed to strengthen your jaw and improve your dental health. Call MINT dentistry in Morrow, GA today to set up your bone grafting consultation.

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