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About Tooth Extractions in Morrow, GA

Our dedicated dental professionals at MINT dentistry will make every effort to preserve your natural teeth, but there situations in which a tooth must be extracted to maintain your overall oral health. Simple extractions are provided to address a tooth that is already erupted from the gum tissues and are generally performed for teeth that are irreparably damaged. Surgical extraction removes a tooth or teeth that have not erupted from the gumline, such as impacted teeth. Whatever your reason is for requiring tooth removal, our highly qualified staff at MINT dentistry will keep you feeling calm and cared for. Our practice in Morrow, GA offers different sedation methods, including nitrous oxide gas and oral sedation to help keep you at ease during your procedure. Contact our team to arrange an appointment so we can find out if you require tooth removal.

When Is a Tooth Extraction Needed?

Broken teeth may be repaired with a tooth cap or oral filling, and our MINT dentistry team will attempt this option first when possible. However, when these treatments are not viable, tooth extraction may be needed. Teens and adults may also have to have a tooth extraction to take out teeth that won't comfortably grow into their smile, like the wisdom teeth, which typically grow in during the late teen years. At a certain point, primary teeth that have yet to loosen might need to be removed to generate space for the "adult" teeth. If you are getting braces or Invisalign® aligner trays, we may recommend the extraction of one or more teeth to create room as your remaining teeth move into alignment.

How Is a Tooth Extraction Performed?

To ensure you are at ease during your tooth extraction procedure at our modern practice in Morrow, GA, we offer multiple sedation options to put you at ease throughout your treatment. The method of sedation you get will depend on the kind of extraction procedure you're receiving and whether or not you have any dental insecurities. Before your procedure is performed, our team will help you to feel calm. When everything is in place, our team will begin the extraction. For a simple tooth extraction, our dental professionals will use precise approaches and instruments to gently take out the tooth or teeth. During a surgical extraction, our team will create an incision in your gums to reach the affected tooth. In some cases, the tooth is separated into smaller fragments so it can be easier to remove. After the compromised teeth are removed, we will sew the incision shut.

Extraction Aftercare Recommendations

Depending on your sedation method, you may need to arrange for a ride home after your procedure. Our team will provide you with aftercare instructions to help your recovery. The instructions will be different based on the complexity of your extraction treatment plan, but most patients prefer to stick to a liquid or soft food diet for at least a few days following their treatment. Your mouth might swell and feel sensitive after having a tooth removed so we suggest using cool compresses or over-the-counter pain meds. In some cases, we may prescribe you antibiotics or pain medication. Along with any scheduled appointments for checkups, you need to schedule professional cleanings and dental checkups at our MINT dentistry center in Morrow, GA so our dentists can keep monitoring the condition of your smile.

The MINT Commitment

While your tooth extraction will likely be covered by dental insurance, your sedation method might not be. After your appointment, our team will reach out to your insurance company to find out your specific coverage and calculate any out-of-pocket costs. For people who don't have dental insurance, our financial team will help you understand how you can more easily cover your care with convenient payment choices or low-interest financing.

Comprehensive Dental Care

Should you require a dental extraction for a tooth that is damaged or otherwise needs to be removed, our MINT dentistry team in Morrow, GA has the service you need to take care of your sexy smile. Call for a consultation with a member of our esteemed team to get more information on dental extractions, as well as the types we offer. Our smile design team wants to ensure that you're relaxed and help you attain the pearlescent smile of your desires.

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