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About Scaling and Root Planing Morrow, GA

Our MINT dentistry practice in Morrow, GA is dedicated to helping all our patients get a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. We prefer to help you stay one step ahead of dental problems by providing proactive oral healthcare, like exams and cleanings; however, if you develop symptoms of gum disease, a standard cleaning may not be enough. MINT dentistry uses advanced tools and techniques to address the progression of gum disease through scaling and root planing (SRP) therapy. Scaling and root planing is a nonsurgical service performed by our MINT dentistry team to clean out tartar and plaque buildup that has accumulated beneath the gumline within the spaces that separate your teeth and gums. This therapy is designed to help reduce active gum disease, heal your gums, and increase the health of your gums. If you have reason to believe you are suffering from gum disease, make an appointment for an exam and consultation at our state-of-the-art practice in Morrow, GA. If you want to improve or maintain your oral health, we can help you get sexy teeth with proactive care and advanced treatments.

Do I Need Scaling and Root Planing?

During advancing periodontal disease, detrimental oral bacteria that live in plaque and tartar buildup can cause the soft tissues to separate from the teeth and the jawbone to break down. During your annual exam, one of our skilled MINT dental professionals will measure your periodontal pockets and take radiographs to visualize the amount of bone supporting your teeth. When the pockets are three millimeters or greater and there is evidence of the breakdown of bone tissue on your x-rays, scaling and root planing treatment may be the recommended treatment option. A few of the symptoms of periodontitis are often chronic halitosis (bad breath), teeth that feel loose, and tender, inflamed gums that are receding, red, or bleeding. If periodontitis is identified and addressed early, SRP treatment can minimize the condition; however, if it has progressed to advanced periodontitis (the later stages), you might need another treatment to meet your periodontal needs.

What Does Scaling and Root Planing Involve?

Scaling and root planing is performed using local anesthesia at our office in Morrow, GA. Your team of MINT dental professionals may also recommend one of our sedation dentistry techniques to help you with stress or anxiety. To start your SRP treatment, you can enjoy relaxing in a comfortable treatment chair. Once you've put on a set of Beats headphones and selected some music, you will be given our signature MINT sunglasses to help you feel at ease. When you've been prepped, one of our skilled dental hygienists will implement advanced instruments to carefully remove the buildup under your gumline. Your hygienist will then skillfully plane (smooth) the root surfaces. Leaving behind a clean, healthy area helps the soft tissues to reattach to the tooth surfaces and minimizes the spaces where harmful tartar and plaque can cause damage.

SRP Therapy Aftercare Instructions

Directly after your scaling and root planing procedure, some temporary numbness from the local anesthesia is normal. You'll also likely have tenderness in your gum tissues and sensitivity in your teeth for the next few days. Our MINT dentistry team will talk with you about aftercare guidance on how to take care of your teeth and gums during the healing phase. You should maintain a good oral hygiene routine at home each day, including flossing and brushing at least twice a day, to keep your mouth healthy and bright. Our Morrow, GA doctors could suggest a periodontal maintenance program to help inhibit periodontal disease and prevent active periodontal issues from flaring up. Generally set up every 3 – 4 months, periodontal maintenance visits replace routine prophylaxis services and allow our experts to closely track your periodontal condition.

The MINT Commitment

Dental insurance will typically cover at least a part of the cost of scaling and root planing. If you have dental insurance, our financial coordinator will speak to your insurance company to understand your coverage and personal costs. If you do not have insurance, MINT dentistry in Morrow, GA is devoted to helping you afford your dental procedures by accepting many different payment methods, including low-interest medical financing, which we can tell you about in your initial consultation. Ask us how we can help you afford the procedures needed to achieve your very best smile with our MINT Discount Plan.

Superior Oral Health

Gum disease damages your dental health and prevents you from achieving your best smile. When gum disease is detected in the periodontitis stage, the condition can usually be controlled with nonsurgical scaling and root planing. Contact MINT dentistry in Morrow, GA to schedule an appointment or get more information. We look forward to surpassing your expectations and helping you get a smile that's radiant and healthy.

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